Our Products

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We offer good value compost at low prices.



A range of pots and ornaments at exceptional prices



We take pride in assuring all of our plants and trees and of great quality at a great price.


VEg Box

Veg boxes are available to buy and collect in store.

bagged decorative stone

decorative stone

Our range of decorative stone includes the favourites such as Blue, Plum and green slate, Cotswold, Gold Coast, gravels and grits

Christmas Trees

christmas trees and holly wreaths

From late November we stock a range of low-drop Christmas trees both cut and pot grown. We have also developed a reputation for crafting beautiful festive wreathes which can be ordered of purchased on site.

award winning hanging baskets

hanging baskets

Over the years we have developed a reputation for award winning hanging baskets. Either bring down your empty basket for re-planting or buy new. We offer the replanting service in Spring and Autumn.