Water saving - 100L water butt and stand

The benefits of collecting water doesn't stop at it being good for the environment and the pocket, it is also great for lime hating/acid loving plants like Rhododendron, Camellia and heathers. At the nursery we collect water and use it to keep these Lime-hating plants in tip-top condition as using lime-rich tap water removes the acidity or neutralises the acidic growing mediums that we plant in them. 

In fact frequently we welcome customers who are seeking advice on how to care for their acid-loving plants and after ensuring that they use ericaceous soils,  the first advice we offer is to collect rain-water and use it regularly.

Rainwater butts come in many sizes and prices but this compact 100L butt is not only cost effective but it comes with a stand which is all important when it comes to filling your watering can from the included tap. 

In summary, anyone wanting to collect rainwater, but not wanting a bulky barrel taking up room in their garden, this Strata’s 100L Slimline Space Saver Water Butt is a great option. It’s amazing value and includes a tap & lid and stand.

This water butt is made from 100% recycled plastic and its square shape allows it to fit in narrow or tight spaces.

Width : 35cm
Height 97cm + stand/base