Garden secateurs - when it comes to secateurs if you plan on using them forever then you cant beat these.

Secateurs are a gardeners best friend and we thoroughly recommend you consider investing in a pair of Swiss made Felco secateurs. Felco claim their aim has always been, and always will be, to offer innovative and durable solutions to commercial pruning and cutting markets secateurs; the good news is that they are of course available to domestic users too and they have been exporting their products since 1946 and remain a market leader for 1 good reason - their products are awesome.

For a typical male hand we recommend their Model 8 as these robust pruning shears have ergonomic design to feel perfectly balanced in the hand, an important feature to allow not only comfort but efficiency. To us these are an all round perfect solution, capable of most work and they are soooo dependable, plus they pack a lifetime manufacturers warranty . Not only do they cut well they have an integrated wire cutting notch for those tasks that require tie-wire like tying that climber to a trellis or stake. Spare parts are available should you find a part needs replacing - Ive used a pair daily for the past 10 years and not yet had to replace any part yet. In summary -

There forged aluminium handles, screw mounted hardened steel blades are reliable, comfortable, light & sturdy and all parts can be replaced.

They’re super-efficient with easy, durable cutting adjustment, wire cutting notch, ideally shaped handles, angled head and cushion-shock absorber with a non-slip coating.

The team at the nursery often make fun of me as I’m lost without mine - they even claim that if I was allowed to take one item with me to that ‘desert island’ i’d obviously take my Felco’s and they’re probably right!

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